Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue

Adipocyte Lineage Cells Contribute To The Skin Stem Cell Niche To Drive Hair Cycling – E. Festa, et al

Adipocyte Nuclei Captured From VAT And SAT – S. Ambati, et al

Biochemistry Of Adipose Tissue – An Endocrine Organ – M. Coelho, T. Oliveira, R. Fernandes

The Developmental Origins Of Adipose Tissue – D. Berry, et al

[new] Dilated Blood And Lymphatic Microvessels, Angiogenesis, Increased Macrophages, And Adipocyte Hypertrophy In Lipedema Thigh Skin And Fat Tissue – S. Al-Ghadban, et al

Endotrophin Triggers Adipose Tissue Fibrosis And Metabolic Dysfunction – K. Sun, et al

Molecular Analysis And Differentiation Capacity Of Adipose Derived Stem Cells From Lymphedema Tissue–B. Levi, et al

Nutrition Insulin Resistance And Dysfunctional Adipose Tissue Determine The Different Components Of Metabolic Syndrome–J. Paniagua

[pending] Subcutaneous adipose tissue fatty acid desaturation in adults with and without rare adipose disorders–J. Yee, et al

[pending] Subcutaneous adipose tissue therapy reduces fat by dual X-ray absorptiometry scan and improves tissue structure by ultrasound in women with lipoedema and Dercum disease–M. Ibarra, et al

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-D (VEGF-D) Overexpression And Lymphatic Expansion In Murine Adipose Tissue-–A. Chakraborty, et al

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