[pending] An Abnormal Lymphatic Phenotype Is Associated With Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Deposits In Dercum’s Disease – J. Rasmussen, et al

Dercum’s Disease White Paper – K. Herbst

Differentiating Lipedema And Dercum’s Disease – K. Beltran, K. Herbst

[pending] Fatter Through Lipids Or Water – Lipohyperplasia Dolorosa Versus Lymphedema – M. Cornely

[pending] Lipedema and Dercum’s Disease: A New Application of Bioimpedance

[pending] Lipomatosis-Associated Inflammation And Excess Collagen May Contribute To Lower Relative Resting Energy Expenditure In Women With Adiposis Dolorosa – K. Herbst, et al

[pending] Low-Dose d-Amphetamine Induced Regression of Liver Fat Deposits in Dercum Disease–S. Ghazala, et al

Pilot Study – Rapidly Cycling Hypobaric Pressure Improves Pain After 5 Days In Adiposis Dolorosa – K. Herbst, T. Rutledge

Successful Treatment Of Dercum’s Disease By Transcutanous Electrical Stimulation – S. Martinenghi, et al

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