Research Papers

Adipocyte Lineage Cells Contribute To The Skin Stem Cell Niche To Drive Hair Cycling–E. Festa, et al

Aesthetic Or Functional Indications For Liposuction–M. Costagliola, et al

Adipocyte Nuclei Captured From VAT And SAT–S. Ambati, et al

Analysis Of Lymphatic Drainage In Various Forms Of Leg Edema Using Two Compartment Lymphoscintigraphy–A. Nuklearmedizin, et al

Antifibrosclerotic Effects Of Shock Wave Therapy In Lipedema And Cellulite–W. Siemsa, et al

An Approach To Lipedema–A Literature Review Of Current Knowledge Of An Underestimated Health Problem–A. Tugral & Y. Bakar

Best Practice Guidelines–The Management Of LipoedemaWounds UK

Biochemistry Of Adipose Tissue–An Endocrine Organ–M. Coelho, T. Oliveira, R. Fernandes

Breast Cancer-Related Chronic Arm Lymphedema Is Associated With Excess Adipose And Muscle Tissue–H. Brorson, et al

Butcher’s Broom And Selenium Improve Lipedema–A Retrospective Case Study–S. Nourollahi, T. Mondry, K. Herbst

Chronic Venous Insufficiency–R. Eberhardt, J. Raffetto

Dercum’s Disease White Paper – K. Herbst

The Developmental Origins Of Adipose Tissue–D. Berry, et al

The Diagnosis And Treatment Of LymphedemaNational Lymphedema Network

Differentiating Lipedema And Dercum’s Disease–K. Beltran, K. Herbst

[new] Dilated Blood And Lymphatic Microvessels, Angiogenesis, Increased Macrophages, And Adipocyte Hypertrophy In Lipedema Thigh Skin And Fat Tissue–S. Al-Ghadban, et al

Edema And Pain Reduction Using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Treatment–Y. Choi, J. Lee

Endotrophin Triggers Adipose Tissue Fibrosis And Metabolic Dysfunction–K. Sun, et al

Fat Redistribution Following Suction Lipectomy–Defense Of Body Fat And Patterns Of Restoration–T. Hernandez, et al

[pending] Differences in Weight Loss Between Persons on Standard Balanced vs Nutrigenetic Diets in a Randomized Controlled Trial–K. Frankwich, et al

[pending] Fatter through lipids or water–Lipohyperplasia dolorosa versus lymphedema–M. Cornely

Fibrosis And Adipose Tissue Dysfunction–K. Sun, et al

Functional And Therapeutic Indications Of Liposuction–B. Atiyeh, et al

IgG Subclasses And Allotypes–From Structure To Effector Functions–G. Vidarsson, G. Dekkers, T. Rispens

In Vivo Endoscopy Of Septal Fibers Following Different Liposuction Techniques Reveals Varying Degrees Of Traumatization–A. Fatemi

Inflammatory Manifestations Of Experimental Lymphatic Insufficiency–R. Tabibiazar, et al

Introduction To Lipedema–T. Wright

A Journey Through Liposuction And Liposculture–Review–E. Bellini, M. Grieco, E. Raposio

Lemon Polyphenols Suppress Diet-Induced Obesity By Up-Regulation Of mRNA Levels Of The Enzymes Involved In β-Oxidation In Mouse White Adipose Tissue–Y. Fukuchi, et al

Lipedema–A Clinical Challenge–Revisited–M. Omaira, et al

Lipedema–A Frequently Misdiagnosed And Misunderstood Fatty Deposition Syndrome–C. Fife, E. Maus, M. Carter

Lipedema–A Giving Smarter GuideMilken Institute

Lipedema–A Rare Disease–B. Shin, et al

Lipedema–A Relatively Common Disease With Extremely Common Misconceptions–D. Buck, K. Herbst

Lipedema–A Review Of The Literature–J. Okhovat, A. Alavi

Lipedema–An Overview For CliniciansThe Lipedema Project

Lipedema–An Overview Of Its Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis And Treatment Of The Disproportional Fatty Deposition Syndrome–Systematic Review–I. Forner-Cordero, et al

Lipedema And Nutrition–L. Kahn

Lipedema And Obesity–K. Herbst

Lipedema–Diagnostic And Management Challenges–A. Peled, E. Kappos

Lipedema Fat And Signs And Symptoms Of Illness Increase With Advancing Stage–K. Herbst, et al

Lipedema–Friend And Foe–Y. Sanchez-De la Torre, et al

Lipedema–Guidelines In The Netherlands 2014Dutch Society for Dermatology and Venereology

Lipedema Is Associated With Increased Aortic Stiffness–G. Szolnoky

Lipedema Is Not Lymphedema–A Review Of Current Literature–E. Shavit, U. Wollina, A. Alavi1

Lipidema And Lymphedema–The Leaky Lymph Weight Loss Resistance And Intestinal Permeability Connection–O. Coetzee, D. Filatova

Lipodystrophy Syndromes–I. Hussain, A. Garg

Lipoedema–A Family Story–L. Ellery

Lipoedema–From Clinical Presentation To Therapy–A Review Of The Literature–S. Langendoen, et al

Lipoedema In Patients After Bariatric Surgery–Report Of Two Cases And Review Of Literature–Lipoedema And Obesity–S. Pouwels, et al

Lipoedema Management–Gaps In Our Knowledge–S. Hodson, S. Eaton

[pending] Lipomatosis-associated inflammation and excess collagen may contribute to lower relative resting energy expenditure in women with adiposis dolorosa–K. Herbst, et al

Liposuction Devices–Technology Update–S. Shridharani, J. Broyles, A. Matarasso

Liposuction For Advanced Lymphedema–A Multidisciplinary Approach For Complete Reduction Of Arm And Leg Swelling–J. Boyages, et al

Liposuction For Swelling In Patients With Lymphedema–A. Greene, S. Voss, R. Maclellan

Liposuction In The Treatment Of Lipedema–A Longitudinal Study–M. Dadras, et al

Liposuction Is An Effective Treatment For Lipedema–Results Of A Study With 25 Patients–S. Rapprich, A. Dingler, M. Podda

Liposuction Of Lipedema To Prevent Later Joint Complications–J. Stutz

Liposuction–Where Are We And Where Are We Going–A. Pena

Long-Term Benefit Of Liposuction In Patients With Lipoedema–A Follow-Up Study After An Average Of 4 And 8 Years–A. Baumgartner, M. Hueppe, W. Schmeller

[pending] Low-Dose d-Amphetamine Induced Regression of Liver Fat Deposits in Dercum Disease–S. Ghazala, et al

Lymphangiogenesis And Lymphatic Remodeling Induced By Filarial Parasites–Implications For Pathogenesis–S. Bennuru, T. Nutman

Lymphatic Complaints In The Dermatology Clinic–An Osteopathic Approach–B. McIlwee, J. Lloyd, M. Rowane

Lymphatic Medicine–Paradoxically And Unnecessarily Ignored–S. Rockson

Lymphatic System Acts As A Vital Link Between Metabolic Syndrome And Inflammation–S. Chakraborty, et al

Lymphatic System And Associated Adipose Tissue In The Development Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease–P. von der Weid, K. Rainey

Lymphedema Risk Reduction PracticesNLN Medical Advisory Committee

Lymph/Lipoedema Treatment In Its Different ApproachesBSN Medical

Massive Localized Lymphedema–A Case Series And Literature Review–R. Evans, C. Scilley

Mast Cell Disorders In Ehlers Danlos Syndrome–S. Seneviratne, A. Maitland, L. Afrin

Mast Cells As Regulators Of Skin Inflammation And Immunity–I. Harvima, G. Nilsson

Mechanisms Of Deep Oscillation [part 1]Manual Lymphatic Drainage UK

Mechanisms Of Deep Oscillation [part 2]Manual Lymphatic Drainage UK

Minocycline–Far Beyond An Antibiotic–N. Garrido-Mesa, A. Zarzuelo, J. Galvez

Molecular Analysis And Differentiation Capacity Of Adipose Derived Stem Cells From Lymphedema Tissue–B. Levi, et al

The Multicomponent Medication Lymphomyosot Improves The Outcome Of Experimental Lymphedema–A. Keim, et al

Muscle Strength And Functional Exercise Capacity In Patients With Lipoedema And Obesity–A Comparative Study–J. van Esch-Smeenge, R. Damstra, A. Hendrickx

Nutrition Insulin Resistance And Dysfunctional Adipose Tissue Determine The Different Components Of Metabolic Syndrome–J. Paniagua

Obesity As A Risk Factor For Tendinopathy– A Systemic Review–F. Franceschi, et al

Obesity But Not High-Fat Diet Impairs Lymphatic Function–G. Nores, et al

Obesity Stigma–Important Considerations For Public Health–R. Puhl, C. Heuer

Osteopathic Considerations In Patients With Lymphedema–A. Hart, P. Kooyman

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment As A Useful Adjunctive Tool For Pneumonia–S. Yao, et al

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment–Novel Application To Dermatological Disease–S. Campbell, R. Winkelmann, S. Walkowski

Pain With Lipoedema–W. Schmeller, I. Meier-Vollrath, C. Hanse-Klinik

Pathophysiological–E Szel, et al

Physical Properties Of Short-Stretch Compression Bandages Used To Treat Lymphedema–T. King, J. Droessler

Pilot Study–Rapidly Cycling Hypobaric Pressure Improves Pain After 5 Days In Adiposis Dolorosa–K. Herbst, T. Rutledge

[pending] Pilot study–whole body manual subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) therapy improved pain and SAT structure in women with lipedema–K. Herbst, C. Ussery, A. Eekema

Preventative Measures For Lymphedema–Separating Fact From Fiction–Y. Cemal, A. Pusic, B. Mehrara

Progressive Lipolymphedema Associated With Increased Activity Of Dermal Fibroblasts In Monoclonal Gammopathy Of Undetermined Significance–A. Thielitz, et al

Rare Adipose Disorders Masquerading As Obesity–K. Herbst

Rule Of Four–A Simple And Safe Formula For Tumescent Anesthesia In Dermatologic Surgical Procedures–A. Gadelha, T. Leao

Six Months Supplementation With Conjugated Linoleic Acid Induces Regional Specific Fat Mass Decreases In Overweight And Obese–J. Gaullier, et al

[pending] Subcutaneous adipose tissue fatty acid desaturation in adults with and without rare adipose disorders–J. Yee, et al

[pending] Subcutaneous adipose tissue therapy reduces fat by dual X-ray absorptiometry scan and improves tissue structure by ultrasound in women with lipoedema and Dercum disease–M. Ibarra, et al

Successful Treatment Of Dercum’s Disease By Transcutanous Electrical Stimulation–S. Martinenghi, et al

Thick Legs–Not Always Lipedema–S. Reich-Schupke, P. Altmeyer, M. Stucker

Tissue Sodium Content Is Elevated In The Skin And Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue In Women With Lipedema–R. Crescenzi, et al

Treatment Of Elderly Patients With Advanced Lipedema–A Combination Of Laser-Assisted Liposuction, Medial Thigh Lift, And Lower Partial Abdominoplasty–U. Wollina, B. Heinig, A. Nowak

Treatment Of Lipoedema Using Liposuction-–S. Rapprich, et al

Tumescent Liposuction In Lipedema Yields Good Long-Term Results–W. Schmeller, M. Hueppe, I. Meier-Vollrath

Urtica–Ordinary Plants With Extraordinary Properties–D. Kregiel, E. Pawlikowska, H. Antolak

Utilizing Complete Decongestive Therapy To Treat Lymphedema–Evidence From Contemporary Literature–K. Thrift, D. Squire

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-D (VEGF-D) Overexpression And Lymphatic Expansion In Murine Adipose Tissue-–A. Chakraborty, et al

Water Jet-Assisted Liposuction For Patients With Lipoedema–Histologic And Immunohistologic Analysis Of The Aspirates Of 30 Lipoedema Patients–J. Stutz, D. Krahl

A Worm Of One’s Own–How Helminths Modulate Host Adipose Tissue Function And Metabolism–B. Guigas, A. Molofsky

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