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FDRS explanation of compression types

Long-Stretch Versus Short-Stretch Bandages

Long-stretch bandages contain elastic fibers that enable stretching to approximately 140% to 300% of their original length. Ace bandages are an example of long stretch.

Short-stretch bandages are woven with cotton fibers and stretch to about 30% to 60%. Short stretch are typically used in lymphedema management.

Calf-muscle contraction is the primary means of returning blood to the heart through the veins. Pressure generated from the calf muscle can propel 60% of venous volume proximally (toward the heart) with each contraction. Short-stretch bandages create an external force against calf-muscle contraction. They cause generation of inward pressure because they don’t allow calf muscles to bulge outward when they contract and shorten. This force compresses and pumps the veins, propelling blood toward the heart; graduated compression of bandages (more pressure at the ankle than calf) prevents backward blood regurgitation through incompetent veins; this is called working pressure. Thus, multilayered short-stretch bandaging systems cause high working pressure. Multilayered short-stretch bandages also act as a semi-rigid force to prevent expansion of edema. They offer excellent containment of all forms of edema.

In contrast, long-stretch bandages stretch as edema increases. They also provide little resistance to calf-muscle contraction. Therefore, they have low working pressure, don’t promote the calf-muscle pump, and provide poor edema containment.

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