Clinical Trials

Comparison of Complete Decongestive Therapy With Intermittent Pneumatic Compression for Treatment of Lipedema – Hitit University

HYPOXI for Women With Lipedema – University of Arizona

In collaboration with the Lipedema Foundation: Complete Decongestive Therapy With Negative Pressure for Lipedema and Lymphedema Therapy–Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Effect of Weight Loss on Body Composition and Metabolic Function in Women With Lipedema – Washington University School of Medicine

In collaboration with the Lipedema Foundation and the Williams Syndrome Association: Williams Syndrome Strength, Hormones, Activity & Adiposity, DNA Programming, Eating Study – Massachusetts General Hospital

In collaboration with the Lipedema Foundation: Insight Into Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Disorders (INSIGHT) – University of Arizona

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